The left abdominal pain, early blood related cases and splenomegaly

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asked in Ophthalmology by Campbell
Walk now affected, walking pain rest a little bit good, there is pain and back pain is spleen, while the pain the pain for a while, and a feature is the night when the blanket a lot of pain, but also pay special attention to when turning over, the rainy day pain.

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answered by Carter
Left abdominal pain, suffering from blood diseases, spleen enlargement is caused by blood diseases.

Abnormal hematopoiesis of bone marrow, hemolytic anemia and other diseases can cause spleen enlargement, lumbago is related to wind cold dampness, it is suggested to avoid.

The above is to "left abdominal pain, early blood related cases of splenomegaly and" the recommendations of the problem, I hope to help you, I wish you health!
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answered by Wright
According to your description, this situation may be caused by rheumatism in the above situation

In this case, I suggest you do a rheumatism and rheumatoid test, take a look at the lumbar CT and so on, and then determine the treatment according to the results of the examination.
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