What are the symptoms of leukemia?

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What are the symptoms of leukemia?

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Leukemia is a very terrible disease, leukemia popular called blood cancer, generally with cancer are more difficult to cure the disease. Once the emergence of Huai Ning like leukemia symptoms to the hospital immediately to check, the sooner the more conducive to timely treatment, we usually pay more attention to life, try to avoid some of the factors caused by leukemia, so the correct understanding of leukemia symptoms Very necessary, then we understand what the specific symptoms of leukemia? Here to see it
Steps / methods:
1 first: the symptoms of leukemia First, anemia, the general performance of sleepiness, fatigue, after the activities of palpable chest tightness, dizziness, headache and so on. See a person is not anemia, to see his eyelids and lips, if there is a different pale, it is necessary to Huai Ning is not got leukemia, must go to the hospital in time to check.
2 second: the symptoms of leukemia is bleeding, about 40% of patients with acute leukemia leukemia early bleeding symptoms. Bleeding may occur in various parts of the body, most of the skin and mucous membranes have bleeding or ecchymosis. There are epistaxis, bleeding gums, excessive menstrual phenomenon.
3 Third: the symptoms of leukemia Third, low immunity, early patients may be upper respiratory tract infection, tonsillitis, gingivitis and other symptoms, serious or even infection, such as pneumonia, sepsis and so on. Once the above symptoms, it is necessary to seek medical treatment.
Leukemia patients in daily life should pay attention to food hygiene, to avoid eating food, do not eat some fried or more hard food, eat spicy spicy food, fresh fruit must be peeled after eating, pay attention to add rich in cellulose some food.
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