What are the flat-shaped papules check items?

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What are the flat-shaped papules check items?

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Many skin diseases in the course of the disease can be expressed as pimples, but the papules have a certain characteristics. Some pimples for the main symptoms of the disease; some pimples are evolved into scar scar scar. Nodules or plaques; some pimples can exist alone; some pimples may be associated with other skin damage; some pimples according to their characteristics is not difficult to make a diagnosis; some have to rely on history, physical examination, laboratory tests, histopathology And other comprehensive analysis in order to make the correct diagnosis.

Physical examination

Papules can be the main symptoms of a certain skin disease, it can be a reflection of systemic disease, if necessary, to do the whole body examination.

The distribution of papules is limited or generalized, is symmetrical or unilateral, is distributed along the nerves or distribution of vascular lymphatic vessels. Such as systemic papules seen in systemic factors such as measles-like drug eruption, localized pimples are found in local factors such as folliculitis, hand ringworm; symmetry papules found in eczema, isolated pimples such as warts, clustered papules such as syringoma, along the nerve Distribution of papules seen in early banding rash.

The size, number, color, shape and diagnosis of pimples, such as the tip of the eye is seen in the rubella, infant emergency, the needle found in the child, sweat herpes, miliary found in flat warts, folliculitis, beans found in the common warts, psoriasis. The number of pimples such as common warts only one or several pimples, measles-like drug eruption general. Road colors vary, such as red for psoriasis, yellow for the yellow tumor. The shape of the cone was seen in the folliculitis, acne, flat seen in the flat warts, flat moss dance, the central depression for the molluscum contagiosum, the central necrosis seen in the papular necrotic tuberculosis rash, Qiu rash seen in the banded herpes, Warts, the surface of silver-white scales seen in psoriasis.

Papules arranged, such as arranged in a linear line found in the linear, by the same shape of the papules occurred in the flat lichen benefits, flat warts, along the lymphatic distribution of papules, nodules seen in the brucellosis with rings Or rainbow-like features of erythema multiforme.

Pimple parts, such as acne occurs in the face and chest and back, flat moss Xue hair on the cheek and back of the hand. Pimples can also occur in multiple parts, a part of a variety of skin diseases can also be a good place, according to the occurrence of papules often some of the skin lesions of the predilection site for the diagnosis of reference summarized as follows:

(1) head papules found in: seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, tinea capitis, folliculitis, boils, warts and so on.

(2) facial papules found in: acne, flat warts seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, pigmented millet pimples, erythema multiforme, nodular sclerosis, hair epithelium, facial miliary lupus, syringoma, Gelatinous millet pimples, basal cell epithelium, and so on.

(3) neck papules found in: neurodermatitis, folliculitis, boils, contact dermatitis, sunshine moss Xue, skin tuberculosis and so on.

(4) trunk papules found in: psoriasis, pityriasis rosea, drug rash, disease rash, disease, acne, molluscum contagious, bran bursa bacillus folliculitis, eczema, herpes dermatitis, herpes zoster and so on.

(5) limbs papules found in: prurigo, skin amyloidosis, dermatitis, eczema, papular necrotic tuberculosis rash, flat fur crossing allergic purple epilepsy keratosis, psoriasis, red pityriasis and so on.

(6) hand and foot papules found in: eczema menstrual dermatitis, hand, foot and ringworm, ringworm, rash, scabies, erythema multiforme, flat warts, common warts, flat moss Xue, hair red pityriasis, warts and so on.

(7) genital perianal papules found in: psoriasis, lichen smear genital warts, syphilis, scabies, pubic lice, recuperative infection, Bowen-like papules, eczema meningic dermatitis, atrophy sclerosis.

Laboratory check

Virus-infected pimples, the total number of white blood cells is low or normal. Can be detected pathogenic microbial DNA gene detection. Bacterial infection of papules associated with fever of blood neutrophils can be elevated. Pus culture positive bacteria. Fungal pimples direct mirror, seized or cultured fungal positive. Syphilis papules can be tested positive syphilis test. Tuberculosis pimples can do tuberculin test or culture. All kinds of papules need to be taken when the living tissue pathological examination can help diagnosis.
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