Flat pimples easily confused with what symptoms?

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Flat pimples easily confused with what symptoms?

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First, infectious inflammatory papules

(A) virus-infected pimples

1. Measles is measles virus infection, more common in children under 5 years old, rash on the 4th day after fever The lesion is characterized by rosy plaque papules (see section 2 for rash).

2. Rubella rubella virus infection, more common in children, 1 day before rash with mild fever with cervical ear lymph nodes. For light red rash or pimples (see section 2 rash)

3. children rash for the Coxsackie BO virus infection, more common 6 months a 2-year-old infants and young children. Loss for the rose color pimples (see section 2 spotted)

4. Egyptian virus rash for the Egyptian virus infection, more common in children. Often in the fever after 2-5 rash, skin lesions for the purple red rash. The hips and throat may have red and yellow pimples (see section 2 I rash).

Baby pimples. Sexual acral dermatitis is generally considered to be hepatitis B virus by skin membrane primary viral hepatitis by skin and mucositis primary infection. Occurrence in infants. No obvious symptoms of the former area suddenly rash. No needle to the green beans large flat pimples, dark red, early in the hand and foot back 3 ~ 4d in turn extended to the stock, buttocks, limbs and face, trunk rash less. May be associated with systemic lymphadenopathy and acute large hippocampal hepatitis, course of 2-8 weeks.
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6. Ordinary warts human papillomavirus (HPV) 1,2,4 type infection. The beginning of the needle for the big pimples, gradually increased to the soybean or larger, round or irregular shape, rough surface keratinization was significantly nipple-like hyperplasia, touch hard, 1 to dozens of good hair in the hand Or feet. Foot plantar lesions said warts.

7. Flat warts for HPVI, 3,5,8,9-type arch. Skin lesions to grainy large flat papules; light red, light brown or normal skin color. Occur in the face, back of the hand or forearm. Itching or no itching, the course of chronic or skin lesions suddenly subsided.

8. Condyloma acuminata is HPVJ1 infection. Beginning for the red small pimples, gradually increased, the surface is soft and soft and papular, pomegranate or cauliflower. Occur in the external genitalia and perineum, perianal, can also occur in the urethra, cervix, umbilical fossa or lips. Often caused by sexual contact or indirect infection.

9. Verrucous epidermal dysplasia caused by HPV3,58,9,10,12 type. More than childhood friendship or any age. For the miliary to the big flat papules, round or polymorph, dark purple or light brown. Papules dense symmetrical distribution, occur in the face, neck, trunk and limbs, chronic disease.

10. Molluscum contagiosum caused by soft-wart virus, more common in children and young people. Beginning for the rice grain hemispherical papules, gradually to the large surface of grainy grainy luster, the center of depression, such as umbilical fossa, the top pick can be squeezed out of white cheese-like material forest for softening body, the number of damage ranging. Occur in the trunk, limbs, by contact.

11. Chickenpox, banded herpes caused by varicella-zoster rash virus. Beginning for the rash, and soon became pimples, and finally developed into a soaked sore "see the fourth section blisters."

12. Bowen-like papules may be HPV1, 16-type infection. Occur in the young adults outside the genitals and perianal skin and mucous membranes. The lesion is reddish-brown single or multiple pimples, round or not irregularly shaped. # Diameter 2-10 mm, the surface of light or mild keratosis was verrucous, arranged in a linear or cluster, itchy or complete wide-like symptoms.

(B) bacterial infection of pimples

1. folliculitis

Mostly caused by Staphylococcus aureus infection caused by red inflammatory papules. Manifested as needle or miliary large, top yellow small pus head, conscious pain. Occur in the face, neck, chest and back.

Get sore

A folliculitis that occurs in the beard area. Occurs between the upper lip and the nose and the forehead. Inflammatory papules for the hair follicles have hairy through, there is itching or burning pain. Can develop into hair follicle small pustules.


Staphylococcal infection and follicular inflammation caused by staphylococcal infection. Occur in the face and neck, tube. The beginning of the hair follicle red inflammatory papules, and then increased to the big or larger inflammation of the small nodules. Local swelling hot pain, the top suppuration was yellow.

4. Verrucous skin tuberculosis

Infection of skin with Mycobacterium tuberculosis. At the beginning of the time for the big dark red papules, later increased into nodules, hard and continue to expand to the surrounding area to form keratinized plaques, was verrucous.

5. pimples necrotic tuberculosis rash

Mycobacterium tuberculosis by the blood spread to the skin caused by skin lesions. Multi-distributed limbs stretch side of the green beans to the big hard papules, dark red or purple, the center of necrosis, the formation of small ulcers left after atrophic epilepsy.

6. groin within the groin

Department of granulomatous Klebsiella infection, often through sexual contact infection. Damage often occurs in external genitalia, perineum, perianal and groin. Beginning for the hard hills or nodules, ulceration of the formation of pink ulcers, out of pulp pus has a bad smell. The edge of the papilloma-like hyperplasia, no symptoms, lymph nodes are not swollen, the disease formed a long thin tube, hypertrophic epilepsy and pigment degranulation.

Soft chancre

For Haemophilus multiflorum infection, through sexual intercourse. Incubation period 2-5d, in the external genitalia appears a red pimples, and then become ulcers formed ulcers, uneven edge conscious pain. Surrounded by satellite-like small ulcers.

(C) spirochetes infected with pimples

Hard barren

For the first infection of the skin after the Treponema pallidum, skin lesions from the beans to 1cm large copper solid asymptomatic papules or induration, mostly in the external genitalia, about 4 weeks can be cured and more.

2. Phase of syphilis

Lesions form a variety of forms, such as psoriasis-like pimples, moss Xueqi pimples, eye-shaped papules and rose-like pimples. Its characteristics are symmetrical asymptomatic lesions and accompanied by palms and are two lesions, syphilis serum test positive.

3. Yasuo

Papules infected with esophagus. In the primary infection occurred in the flat or hemispherical papules, increased after the surface of purulent discharge. The second phase of the egg rash can be scattered in the symmetrical distribution of soybeans or broad beans flat papules, the beginning of the surface after the smooth secretion of yellow formation. (D) fungal infection of pimples 1. hand, tinea pedis

Caused by epidermophyton, can also be caused by Candida and yeast-like bacteria. Occur in the finger (toe) and refers to (toe) or palm between the heart and foot dance. Especially hand ringworm mostly unilateral, lesions for the needle to the miliary large pimples, Qiu herpes. Also keratinized desquamation, erosion dipping, clinical can be divided into water sore type, wiping type and scaly keratosis. Consciously itching, fungal examination positive.

Body, tinea corporis

Mainly to epidermis ringworm, such as red Trichophyton mentagrophytes, Trichophyton aspergillus, wool-like cypress bacteria and flocculent epidermophilus caused. Primary lesions for papules or herpes simplex, gradually around the expansion of the formation of a ring, the central inflammation to reduce the peripheral uplift boundaries clear, fungal positive.
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3. ringworm rash

Is the original fungal infection (tinea pedis) release of the antigen caused by distant parts of the antigen-antibody reactive lesions. Papules or small scars appear on the side of the palm or finger. Moss-like papular type of skin lesions showed needle papules, maculopapular rash or follicular papules, flocks were like drug samples. Occur in the shoulder can also be seen in the limbs or the whole body.

4. Coloring fungal disease

For deep fungal disease caused by Pei's stained fungi, closely colored fungi, dermatitis stained fungi or branching coccidia. Manifested from the primary infection at the local skin erythema papules, gradually increased into nodules, fusion into plaque or verrucous or pus cancer lesions. Fungal examination and histopathology can help diagnosis. (E) pests and parasites infected with pimples

1. hookworm dermatitis

Department of hookworm larvae invade the skin for about a few minutes that is biting burning sensation, l ~ 2h rash, papules, Qiu herpes or wind group itchy, no secondary infection can be faded in about 1 week. 2. Follicle dermatitis is caused by the demodex parasites in the hair follicles or sebaceous glands caused by chronic inflammation. Rash in the face of young people. Beginning for erythema is gradually hair follicle red papules. Like wine 'slag nose or acne-like skin lesions but no blackheads acne can also occur pus scar pimples. 3. Itching is also known as "barley itch" "rice itch". Caused by exposure to mites, more common in contact with the grain of people. The skin was bitten by mites mirage of pimples, can also occur Qiu herpes.

4. Scabies

Caused by scabies mites. Clinical for the needle to the miliary red papules, Qiu herpes can form a tunnel-like lesions. Mostly in the finger seam, forearm flexion side, lower abdomen and thigh medial. The skin lesions that occur in the penis scrotum are red nodules. Nocturnal itching, history of infection.

5. lice disease

Is caused by the lice parasitic body, bites sucking blood caused by pimples. Feel itchy, often in the clothes gap to find lice.

6. Bugs, fleas, mosquito bites Occurrence of erythema pimples or mumps in the bites.

Second, non-infectious inflammatory papules

(A) allergic papules

Contact dermatitis

Is skin or more contact with a substance after the film, in the contact site lesions. Can be expressed as erythema. Pimples, water sores or scars. Clinical division of primary irritation and allergic. The former for the contact with the skin has a strong irritation, any person can occur after contact. The latter for the contact is basically no irritation, only a small number of people exposed to the material after the re-exposure to the occurrence of skin lesions, such an allergic type of delayed type 4 allergic reaction.
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Is caused by a complex internal and external trigger factors caused by a delayed type of allergic reaction. Its characteristics are manifested as lesion pleomorphism, distributed symmetry, can occur repeatedly, severe itching. Acute eczema papules, Qiu herpes is its main performance.

3. Atopic dermatitis

The etiology is more complex and is generally thought to be related to a variety of factors. Genetic factors are the main factors of this disease. Patients often have congenital allergies, infants and more children, the main manifestations of erythema papules. The disease is divided into three stages at different ages. Infants occur in the head and face, can also be developed to the trunk, limbs, manifested in the erythema-intensive needle large pimples. Qiu herpes, water cancer and exudate. Dry rash is dense small pimples, surface dry with scales. Children account for about 80% of the disease before the age of 5, according to the rash form is divided into eczema and prurigo type. The former for the needle big pimples, Qiu herpes or small water scar, can be integrated into the film, occur in the elbow fossa in the fossa; the latter for the whole measured miliary to mung bean pimples, skin color or brown, pimple dry surface rough covered with thin Crazy, scratched or blood crazy, severe itching. Adult rash for the erythema pimple, after the fusion was flaky hypertrophy and showed a change of moss.

4. drug rash

Is due to drugs through a variety of ways into the human body caused by skin, new film reaction rash. Drug rash lesions varied, a variety of clinical manifestations. Measles-like drug eruption for a wide range of symmetrical distribution of rice grain red papules, can be integrated with each other, papules scattered and concentrated in the coexistence of intensive, itching heavier, is the most common type of drug eruption. In recent years to ammonia penicillin caused by more. Erythema multiforme drug eruption, characterized by mung bean to broad bean edema erythema papules, the central water cancer or was purple, multi-symmetry in the limbs. Scabies-like drug eruption, manifested as follicular papules similar to acne, often due to iodine, fill the preparation, corticosteroids caused. Purple epilepsy or vasculitis drug eruption, manifested as needle, bean or larger purple epilepsy, uplift leather, the center can be necrosis.

5. papules and other measles

It is generally believed that mosquito bites cause delayed allergic reactions, or allergies caused by food, drugs, and the like. Found in infants and children and more disease. A rash of red wind-like pimples scattered or clustered for limbs or torso. Mung bean to peanuts large, slightly spindle-shaped, and some centers can occur small water cancer, old and new rash often exist. Consciously itchy, rash recurring.

(B) papules scales skin disease papules

1. The cause of psoriasis is unknown. When the skin lesions from the beginning of the inflammatory red papules, miliary to the beans large, later gradually expanded into a patch, the surface covered with silver-white scales, scraping scales appear a layer of shiny film called "film phenomenon", then scraping Occurrence of point bleeding is the characteristics of this disease.

2. Psoriasis drip type psoriasis is more common, skin lesions distributed with the limbs, but not in the head and face. Skin lesions for the size of the red rash, slow course, no point bleeding phenomenon. Pox cancer type psoriasis is relatively rare, for the needle to the beans large round papules, Qiu herpes, the center prone to necrosis.

3. Flat moss Xue skin lesions for the flat pimples, purple, miliary to the beans large, polygonal, clear boundary. Thin itch obvious, skin lesions can also be integrated into small patches.

4. sclerosing atrophic moss Xue skin lesions for the porcelain white flat papules, the surface of a small blackheads acne-like hair follicle horny bolt, surrounded by flush. Pimples began to large, round or irregular shape of beans, and some central depression, palpation harder.

5. Hair red pityriasis can be divided into congenital or acquired acquired, the former often seen in children for adults in the latter. Occur in the fingers l-2 refers to the back of the joint for its characteristics. Limb extension side, trunk. Face can also be involved. Lesions are hair follicle keratotic papules and scaly pale red patches.

6. golden yellow moss Xue unknown etiology is rare, adults and children can be disease. Skin lesions for the rusty miliary large flat hill. Rash, cluster was moss Xue-like change. Pathological changes in the upper part of the dermis has a broad normal connective tissue area, under the banded infiltration, mainly lymphocytes and a small amount of tissue cells.

7. Gloss bitter abscess cause, children to the elderly can be cut, lesions for the needle to the miliary large pimples, round or polygonal, was hemispherical bulge or conical or flat. Can be normal skin color, light e color or light red, solid surface shiny, scattered in the non-fusion, occur in the penis, glans, abdomen, forearm, etc.. Pathological changes, each pimple at the Department of dermal papillary limitations of spherical mononuclear cell infiltration, both sides of the epidermis extension was concealed.

(C) nerve factors caused by pimples

1. Neurodermatitis began to suffer from the skin of the skin itchy, scratching after the miliary grain to the big papules, round or polygonal, after the gradual increase in fusion was moss Xue, made in the neck, elbow, can and other parts.

2. prurigo is a group of acute or chronic inflammatory papular skin diseases. Acute simple prurigo, common middle-aged women, for the sudden occurrence of green beans to large flat papules soybeans, beginning for the light red and then become dark red, scattered in the distribution. Normal prurigo, pimples smaller, more associated with the wind group disappeared faster, after a solid papules were the main. Occur in the limbs or torso.

3. Nodular prurigo is generally associated with mosquito bites. Beginning for the red pimples, after the hemispherical nodules, big grain of the hard touch, the surface keratinized rough, reddish brown, itching, scratching scratch marks and knot. Occur in the limbs stretch side, especially in the calf stretch side more common. 4. pregnant prurigo seen in pregnant women, especially pregnant more than two times pregnant women, for the pink or normal skin color pimples, mung bean, scattered symmetry, occur in the trunk, upper arm and stock, cancer itching violently, at night even.

(D) vasculitis of skin disease papules

1. Anaphylaxis is a superficial small vasculitis, skin lesions are small and scattered. Of the silt points slightly higher than the leather surface, was spotted pimples occur in the limbs stretch side symmetry. Especially in the biped ankle and lower leg as a good place.

2. allergic skin vasculitis lesions for the pleomorphic, can be erythema, pimples, wind group and purple epilepsy, but the characteristic lesions are purple
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