What are the symptoms of flushing hot flashes?

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What are the symptoms of flushing hot flashes?

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Differential diagnosis of flushing hot flashes:
First, hot flashes: refers to the onset of time to time, once a day, according to time and hair, according to time, such as the tide on the same time, so called hot flashes. Mostly for the afternoon hot flashes, the Department of Yin, hot and humid, gastrointestinal heat caused.
Second, the flushing: commonly known as "liters", is caused by autonomic nervous system dysfunction caused by vasomotor dysfunction. Flushing, sweating and dizziness are known as typical triad of autonomic dysfunction. Paroxysmal flushing is a characteristic marker of women entering menopause, with about 70% to 80% of postmenopausal women experiencing varying degrees of flushing. Male menopause flushing is rare. The flushing is associated with mental factors (including annoyance, anger, tension, excitement, excitement, etc.).
Third, the flushing hot flashes should also be associated with repeated fever of the disease to identify each other:
1, brucellosis epidemiological data is an important basis for the diagnosis, such as the incidence of areas, occupation and sick animals (sheep, cattle, pigs) exposure history of drinking non-sterile cattle, goat milk, eating unclean livestock history clinical manifestations For the repeated episodes of fever, accompanied by sweating, migraine pain, neuralgia, orchitis, liver and spleen and lymph nodes and other blood, bone marrow culture positive, serum agglutination test 1: 100 see above immune adsorption test 1: 320 or more , Can help diagnosis.
2, malaria to malaria, three malaria more common. Case of a chill of high fever, sweating, day or between 2 days of the timely detection of blood smear to find placenta, can be diagnosed.
3, lymphoma lesions in the viscera, often manifested as periodic fever (PeI-Ebstein heat type) found in Hodgkin's disease. Some superficial lymphadenopathy is not significant and deep lymph node swelling oppression of adjacent organs of the symptoms, such as mediastinal lymph nodes caused by atelectasis and superior vena cava syndrome. Timely detection of bone marrow smear found Reed-Sternberg cells or bone marrow biopsy are helpful diagnosis.
4, the return of hot clinical manifestations of cyclical fever, acute onset, chills and fever continued 2-9d after the body temperature plummeted, sweating, no heat period continued 7-9d and then fever, the symptoms re-emergence, repeated 2-3 times the body Soreness, hepatosplenomegaly, severe bleeding tendency of jaundice, combined with the onset of the season, the presence of some lice or wild cicada bites must take into account the disease. According to the blood, bone marrow smear to find the return of hot spirochetes can be diagnosed
Flushing, hot flashes symptoms are due to decreased estrogen levels in the body caused by autonomic dysfunction, vasomotor dysfunction caused by accompanied by sweating, palpitations, dizziness and so on. 80% of patients with this symptom can last more than 1 year, and some can be maintained to 5 years after menopause. Symptoms of the occurrence of the general before and after menopause is more serious, longer from the menopause, the frequency and intensity of attack gradually diminished, and finally disappeared naturally.
The frequency, severity and duration of hot flashes are very different. Some people are occasionally attack, short time; some people are several times a day, for several seconds to several minutes; severe cases can be frequent, or even a few minutes a day attack 30 to 50 times, the duration of up to 10 to 15 Minutes, seizures more in the afternoon, dusk or nighttime. Often after the event, after eating or wearing clothes cover is too much heat to increase the case of easy to attack, thus affecting the mood, work and sleep, often make patients feel pain.
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