How should pathologic hair loss be prevented and treated?

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Prevention and treatment of hair loss, certainly in the details of each life more attention. The following content is that you overcome the hair loss is a good helper, as long as the go, hair loss will be away from your attention, no longer can not disturb you.

Method 1. Use a wooden comb or horn comb. Do not use nylon comb comb hair, because the nylon comb easy to produce static electricity, will give the hair and scalp to bring bad stimulus. The best choice is to use comb or horn comb, both to remove dandruff, increase hair shine, but also massage the scalp, promote blood circulation.

Method 2. Wash your hands. Shampoo the best interval is 2 to 3 days, while washing while rubbing massage, so that both to keep the scalp clean, but also to promote scalp blood circulation. After washing the best hair to dry.

Method 3. Choose the shampoo. Do not use degreasing strong or alkaline shampoo, such shampoo degreasing and dehydration is too strong, easy to make hair dry, scalp necrosis. Should be used on the scalp and hair non-irritating natural shampoo, or according to their hair selection. It is best not to use a shampoo all the time.

Finally, to ensure adequate sleep and other details, is also essential.

Try to find the cause and remove, is the fundamental method of treatment. Can be tried during chemotherapy to the scalp around the pressure band or use low temperature method to reduce the impact of chemotherapy drugs on hair follicles.

At present the world's major hair technology are:

1, FUT-flap extraction hair follicle technology. Doctors from their own posterior occipital focus on hair follicles, and then into the active hair follicle nutrition dish cultivation, the use of fine device monomer transplantation. This technology is suitable for hair loss area larger or serious, up to a maximum of about 3000 units. Hair transplant success rate of 100%, hair transplant survival rate of 98% or more, far higher than the survival rate of traditional hair technology. Disadvantages: A due to the need to cut the flap, so the postoperative at the donor, leaving a significant scar, B and may be in the brain after surgery will be injured to cause lifelong migraine. C Although the FUT price is relatively low, but to carefully consider such surgery

2, FUE - not the hair of the hair technology. This technique eliminates the need to transplant flaps from the donor area or use suture techniques to disperse a single hair follicle, which is transplanted to the hair loss unit according to the hair growth direction. Because it is a single extraction hair follicle technology, no need to sew stitches, so you can avoid the donor area of ​​the scar, healing faster, leaving no trace, one can take about 2500-3000 units. This technique has a shorter recovery cycle and faster hair appearance and minimal bleeding status is also the main reason to attract hair loss patients.
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