What are the causes of yellow pimples?

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What are the causes of yellow pimples?

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Epidermal limitations of edema caused by papules found in eczema, contact dermatitis and so on. As a result of various cell infiltration of epidermis or dermis caused by pimples, clinical characteristics. Suppurative inflammatory papules mainly neutrophil infiltration; chronic inflammatory papules mainly to lymphocyte infiltration; allergic factors caused by papules mainly to eosinophil infiltration; tuberculous papules to epithelioid lymphoma Cell infiltration; syphilis papules to plasma cell infiltration; yellow tumor disease with foam cell infiltration as its characteristics. The pathogenesis of papules is related to its pathogenesis.

First, inflammatory papules

(A) Infectious inflammatory papules

1. virus-infected pimples measles, rubella, infantile rash, io virus rash, infant papules acral dermatitis, common warts. Flat warts, genital warts, verrucous epidermal dysplasia, chickenpox, herpes zoster, Bowen-like papulosis.

2. Bacterial infection of pimples folliculitis, to sore, boils, verrucous skin tuberculosis, pimples necrotic tuberculosis rash, groin granulation month, soft under cancer.

3. spirochete infection of papules under the stench of plum bites, Yasuo.

4. fungal psoriasis psoriasis, tinea pedis, tinea corporis, tinea corporis, ringworm rash, stain fungal disease.

5. Parasites insects infected pimples hookworm dermatitis, hair follicle dermatitis, itching disease, scabies, lice disease, bug bug bites flea bites, mosquito bites.

(B) non-infectious inflammatory papules

1. allergic skin disease papules contact dermatitis, eczema, atopic dermatitis, drug eruption, papules and other measles.

Pimple papular skin disease papules psoriasis. Psoriasis, lichen planten dermatitis, golden yellow moss, shiny moss, small moss moss.

3. Neurological dermatology papular nerve dermatitis, prurigo, nodular prurigo, pregnancy prurigo.

4. Vascular inflammatory papules Allergic purpura allergic skin vasculitis, persistent uplift erythema, atrophic papulosis.

5. Physical factors of pimples red miliary rash, keratotic hemangioma, pleomorphic day rash, light type reticulosis, corns, frictional moss dance rash.

6. Sebaceous glands secrete factors papules seborrheic dermatitis, acne vulgaris, neonatal acne, rosacea, perioral dermatitis.

Third, non-inflammatory papules

1. Metabolic factors papules skin amyloidosis, turning fluid edema moss Xue, lipid progressive necrosis, yellow tumor disease, vitamin A deficiency.

2. Genetics of keratosis papillae keratosis, hair keratosis, keratosis keratosis, punctate palm double skin disease, verrucous acral keratosis, nodular sclerosis.

3. skin tumor manifestation of papular pigment disease, hemangioma, syringoma, millet pimples spike keratosis, fur epithelial tumor, lymphoid tissue tumor, city granuloma, lymphoma-like papules.
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