How is cataract caused?

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How is cataract caused?

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All kinds of causes such as aging, genetic, local nutritional disorders, immune and metabolic abnormalities, trauma, poisoning, radiation, etc., can cause lens metabolic disorders, leading to lens degeneration and turbidity, leading to cataracts. The most common is the degenerative disease (aging) caused by aging, such as genetic, local nutritional disorders, vascular sclerosis, systemic metabolism and endocrine disorders (such as diabetes), trauma, poisoning, radiation, inflammatory eye disease, some Drugs (such as corticosteroids), etc., can cause lens metabolic disorders, leading to lens protein degeneration and turbidity, leading to cataracts. In China, the high incidence of cataracts in areas of high altitude and sunlight is relatively high, because exposure to ultraviolet light in the sun can cause the lens to oxidize and restore the process, so that the lens protein degeneration and turbidity to form cataract The
The disease can be divided into congenital and acquired:
1. congenital cataract, also known as developmental cataract, more than before and after birth has been, mostly static type, may be associated with genetic diseases, endogenous and exogenous two types of endogenous sexual and fetal developmental disorders The nature of the maternal or fetal body lesions caused by damage to the lens caused by congenital cataract is divided into the former cataract, posterior cataract, surrounded by nuclear cataract and total cataract.
2. after the birth of cataract after birth due to systemic diseases or local eye disease, nutritional metabolic abnormalities, poisoning, degeneration and trauma and other causes of lens opacity, divided into six kinds:
① senile cataract, the most common, also known as age-related cataract, more common in 40 years of age, and with age and increased, and many factors related to the elderly, such as metabolic slow degeneration of the disease, some people think that with the long-term Irradiation, endocrine disorders, metabolic disorders and other factors, according to the location of the initial opacity can be divided into two categories of nuclear and cortical.
② complicated cataract (concurrent with other eye disease).
Traumatic cataract.
④ metabolic cataract.
⑤ radioactive cataract.
⑥ drugs and toxic cataracts.
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