How is cataract prevented?

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How is cataract prevented?

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1, to avoid strong sunlight. In the outdoor activities, bring sunglasses or sun hat, can effectively prevent radiation damage to the crystal;
2, pay attention to the spirit of the transfer: the case of calmly, the heart should be broad, to maintain emotional ease, to anger, training on the flowers, birds, goldfish interest to cultivate sentiment, and more talk with young people, can be scattered on the unpleasant The attention of things, to keep the mood cheerful, sparking a strong passion for life, can play a role in preventing and delaying the progress of the disease;
3, to strengthen the use of eye health, usually do not hand rubbing his eyes, do not unclean handkerchief, towel wiping eyes, wash your eyes. After the eye should be appropriate to relax, sedentary workers should be separated from 1 to 2 hours to get up for 10 to 15 minutes, overlooking the eyes, or do eye exercises. Have plenty of sleep, timely recovery of fatigue;
4, active prevention and treatment of chronic diseases, including eye diseases and systemic diseases. Especially the most common complications of diabetes cataract, timely and effective control of blood sugar, to prevent the further development of the disease;
5, diet should be rich in protein, calcium, trace elements, eat more foods containing vitamin A, B, C, D, drink plenty of water, eat less salt, usually eat more fish, can maintain normal vision, Progress;
6, long-term smokers susceptible to cataract has been studied and confirmed by practice, should quit smoking;
7, in addition to special treatment needs, as far as possible to avoid taking some of the drugs that produce cataracts (such as glucocorticoids, miotic agents, chlorpromazine, etc.).
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