How does allergic rhinitis prevent?

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How does allergic rhinitis prevent?

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The most fundamental health care for allergic rhinitis is to understand the allergenic substances that cause your allergens and try to avoid it.

First, when the symptoms occur mainly in the outdoors: should be as much as possible to limit outdoor activities, especially contact with flowers or rotten leaves, as well as catkins and futon fruit, go out with a mask, or can be less allergens to the beach.

Second, when the symptoms occur mainly in the room: you can note the following:

1, pay attention to life details.

2, control the occurrence of indoor mold and mildew.

3, completely kill cockroaches and other pests.

Third, allergic rhinitis prevention and care:

1, often participate in physical exercise to increase the resistance.

2, careful not to suddenly out of hot and cold environment.

3, often do nose massage, such as long-term use of cold water wash better.

4, already know allergens, try to avoid contact.

5, during the attack, pay attention to keep warm.

6, whenever the sneeze before, anxious massage Ying Xiang points, massage to the Department of fever when the degree.
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