How to treat schizophrenia?

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Life for schizophrenia, the treatment of this disease has been more concerned about, especially in some patients with schizophrenia at home. We all know that schizophrenia is not a very good treatment of the disease. Because the probability of this disease is completely healed is not particularly high. And medical treatment of 10% to 30% of patients with schizophrenia is ineffective. So what about the disease should be treated with schizophrenia?

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answered by LESLIE
First: suffering from schizophrenia, the treatment of patients with this disease according to their own condition, the first is through some drug treatment to improve the condition. Drug treatment generally emphasizes early treatment, and have enough medication. Generally recommended is atypical antipsychotic drugs.
Second: patients suffering from this disease in addition to some of the drugs in the treatment of positive treatment with the doctor on time medication, the patient's family to do a good job for the patient's psychological treatment. Some patients are due to some of the external injuries lead to their own psychological stimulation caused by the disease. Psychotherapy is particularly important.
Third: in the daily life of some patients with acute phase or the effect of treatment is not particularly good patients, if the disease is sudden, you can use the treatment of electric convulsions. But the current commonly used method of medicine or anti-psychiatric drug therapy. Electric convulsions of this treatment is still relatively rare to targeted treatment.
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answered by ALMA
Although suffering from schizophrenia, the disease is difficult to completely cure or even repeated attacks, but in the family must have patience in life, patient treatment of patients if the patient can not be cured, but also through treatment to improve the condition and even normal The same life.
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