My good friend had depression, how to do it?

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asked in Mental health by NORMA
I am particularly good a friend may be due to the cause of the cause, as recently changed a person, every day worry about the face do not like to go out and asked him what happened, he said he did not know the feeling of depression every day is very depressed How can i do it?

2 Answers

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answered by ERICA
For those who have now been born to work, most people have some hidden depression and so on, try not to give yourself too much pressure too much burden
Workplace, life and other aspects are likely to make you feel bad feeling depressed feeling tired, in fact, this time we have to learn to relax themselves, do not force yourself too tight.
Do not keep yourself in the home for a long time, a person's time will be more likely to think of unhappy things so that emotions become low, and more friends and go out, so open-minded, people will slowly come out。
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answered by CLARA
Be sure to keep the mood of pleasure, do not think too much, do not force yourself too tight, keep the mood comfortable, unhappy must say do not simmering.
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