What is the way to treat feeling irritated?

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asked in Mental health by BONNIE
In today's competitive society so much pressure, almost everyone will have the mood when the irritability. Most people at this time will choose to send a pass temper to distract their own heart unhappy, but this is not a good way, not only our own physical and mental health has been affected, and sometimes will hurt the people around. So how do we get the right out of the bad mood?

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answered by AGNES
First learn to adjust themselves, so calm down, walk around in the office, to the side of the window through breath, look at the distance, listen to music, go home after work a hot bath, and family or friends to drink together Chatting with tea. Temporarily put aside the work of the matter.
Do some sports, fixed every day to take a time to run, or do their own favorite sports. Exercise can not only promote the body's metabolism, but also to eliminate the work of mental stress, mental fatigue, so that the mood to get a positive regulation disorder.
Holidays, called on the family or friends to travel together, from their own circle which temporarily out of, to see the outside scenery, feel that is not the same style of humanities, so that physical and mental into the vast nature of the bad mood to Get a good healing.
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answered by SHANNON
Not all the mood irritability is caused by the pressure, and sometimes may also be the body of the situation, leading to endocrine disorders, when you find some way to relieve stress is not effective, we must consult a professional physician. Usually to maintain a good habit of living habits, will greatly reduce the occurrence of this situation.
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