What are the symptoms of insomnia?

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answered by DANIELLE
Insomnia is a relatively common symptom, many people due to psychological stress is too large, may also lead to the emergence of blindness, insomnia patients if the regular use of some sleeping pills for treatment, only patients with drug dependence , So patients with insomnia should be timely to the hospital for examination, according to the patient's etiology and the patient's physical condition for a reasonable medication, so to a certain extent, can effectively alleviate the disease, can effectively treat insomnia.
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answered by DOLORES
The symptoms of insomnia is more obvious, many people may be unable to sleep the phenomenon, some people appear that the identification card may lead to sleepy daytime symptoms, may also lead to more excitement at night, so that Long black and white reversed, may also lead to the body's sub-health state.
Many people appear insomnia, may also lead to some of the body's shallow sleep, and sometimes sleep is not sleep, wake up awake, this case may also affect the health of people, if there is insomnia Disease, it is best to conduct a timely conditioning, you can use the traditional Chinese medicine method to relieve symptoms.
Insomnia is the most obvious feature of patients with poor sleep quality, it is difficult to fall asleep, especially in the evening often open eyes, if the eyes closed during the course of sleep may lead to arrhythmia, may also cause patients to appear The flow of sweat or the emergence of the phenomenon of physical weakness.
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answered by LORRAINE
Insomnia is a relatively common disease, the disease to the patient's physical and mental health will bring some impact, may lead to patients with more tired symptoms of the body, if not timely treatment may also lead to skin aging in patients with the phenomenon , Seriously affected the health, so to timely treatment.
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