What are the four symptoms of influenza patients?

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Spring and winter are the high season of influenza, influenza, also known as influenza, mostly through the spit and so on the influenza virus infection in a disease, and its faster infection, the scope is also wide, mostly in some The constitution is relatively weak, the resistance is relatively poor between the crowd, such as the elderly, and children. What is the performance of the four symptoms of influenza patients?

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answered by BERNICE
Flu rapid onset, at first there will be chills, fever symptoms, followed by headache, hands and feet can not produce symptoms. Want to alleviate the symptoms of influenza, be sure to drink some hot water after they can wrap themselves in the quilt, out of some sweat, can effectively relieve fever and other flu symptoms.
Symptoms of influenza, mostly in the above symptoms, in order to effectively prevent the flu, usually must pay attention to more window ventilation, more bedding out to the sun drying, can prevent the breeding of the virus, but also allows the room Keep the air in circulation, keep the air fresh.
Because most of the influenza through the droplets of infection, so in the flu season, go out must also remember to wear a mask to prevent the virus infection. Usually, but also pay more attention to warm, diligent hands, changing clothes, but also pay attention to exercise, improve their resistance.
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