What is Salmonella typhimurium infection?

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In our daily life, we will encounter a lot of things and problems, these things and some of the problems we can solve, but some of us can not solve, as now in medicine above many problems, the same can not be resolved , But the times in the development of social progress, for example, Salmonella typhimurium infection of the disease, which is actually not a serious illness, but for the Salmonella typhimurium infection, there is a way to better understand it.

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answered by LESLIE
The first step I do not know everyone on the typhoid Salmonella infection which cold some understanding, but I think we are not unfamiliar to it, but still not familiar with it. No matter how sick the first method is to seek help from the doctor, outside these small recipe is not useful for everyone. So let's take a look at what symptoms of typhoid Salmonella infection. Fever, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea ...
Step 2 Now that we know what the symptoms of Salmonella typhimurium are, then let's take a look at the disease. What is the cause of the disease? The disease is mainly infected by the bacteria infected by the meat, and now the main pathogens found, then after the election of meat in the time we must be careful, careful.
The third step Now we have a special understanding of typhoid Salmonella infection is what, but also know the main pathogens of the disease. So then we have to come to understand the little knowledge to prevent the disease. 1 focus is to strengthen the diet, drinking water and fecal management, cut off the transmission. 2 patients and carriers were isolated from intestinal infectious diseases, until one week after stopping, per week for fecal culture, two consecutive negative so far. Long-term use of dead bacteria vaccine is not ideal, oral attenuated vaccine is still in trial.
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