What are the symptoms of avian flu h7n9?

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asked in Infectious Diseases by FRANCISCO
Avian flu in the time of the spread of the speed is very fast, then within a week will become severe pneumonia. This time the body temperature will continue to rise, the patient will appear symptoms of dyspnea, then if it is acute avian influenza patients, there will be acute respiratory distress syndrome. Will cause multiple organs damaged, What are the symptoms of h7n9?

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answered by ALVIN
Avian flu We all know that then avian flu will seriously affect our body. Avian flu will have a certain incubation period, then in the incubation period, usually within a week will be attacked, and the incidence is very fast, just like the ordinary influenza virus.
Patients in the presence of avian flu will appear when the nose, nasal congestion cough throat pain symptoms, but also headache and systemic symptoms, then many patients will appear nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea. These symptoms are similar to the ordinary influenza virus, but the damage is very large.
Once the avian influenza virus, more serious patients, will cause serious harm to their own body, there will be pneumonia and acute respiratory tract embarrassment syndrome, and even cause pleural effusion. Clinically in patients with severe renal failure can lead to the occurrence of sepsis.
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