What are the early symptoms of tuberculosis?

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Tuberculosis is a very common chronic infectious disease, what are the early symptoms of tuberculosis?

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answered by JEREMY
First of all our patients will appear some of the phenomenon of fatigue, the general patient will be in the morning when the feeling of special tired, in the evening is to feel a special excitement, this time is particularly prone to u small insomnia Phenomenon, this is the patient has just appeared when the symptoms of tuberculosis.
This time the patient will appear when some of the symptoms of weight loss, there is no weight loss did not control the food when the phenomenon occurs. And some patients will appear when a sleep when some of the symptoms of night sweats, severe patients may even appear quilt are wetting the phenomenon.
Tuberculosis patients will appear when a cough symptoms, this time when the long-term cough, the general symptoms of dry cough, there are some patients early when there is no obvious a cough phenomenon, slowly is the More and more serious, and finally there will be some blood of the sputum.
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answered by JONATHAN
Tuberculosis is infected, this is what we need to pay attention to a thing, if we found that patients with tuberculosis is to be isolated treatment, and we also pay attention to the diet to be light.
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