what is the reason of Eyes often tears ?

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what is the reason of Eyes often tears?

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Tears are a physiological phenomenon, because we are particularly sad when the tears, if the mood is in a state of excitement, will be easy to tears, and some pathological factors can also cause increased tear secretion, if not timely through the tears Road discharge, it will cause eye disease. People in the mood when the tears of tears, is a normal phenomenon, but if the regular tears, it should go to the hospital to do the appropriate check to see if they are suffering from some eye diseases.
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answered by CONSTANCE
If you suffer from inflammatory tears, such as epidemic conjunctivitis corneal corneal ulcers when the cornea of the trigeminal nerve will be a serious response, it will lead to severe eye pain, it will cause reflex Tears, see the light when the eyes are very painful.
Traumatic tears, such as the eyes were traumatic, electro-pharyngitis, cornea inside the emergence of foreign body, but also accompanied by eye pain photophobia symptoms, if the lacrimal duct or lacrimal duct obstruction , Will lead to tears, tears are very obvious.
If the regular tears of the bruises may be the lacrimal atresia are generally found in infants and young children who, because of trauma or infection caused by factors, if the emergence of facial nerve paralysis of the state, will lead to tears And there will be eyelids can not normally open.
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answered by JUANITA
If suffering from nasal disease, can also lead to frequent tears of tears, there may be nasal disease caused by nose trauma, suffering from rhinitis and nasal polyps and some other reasons will lead to a lot of tears, so it should go Hospitals to do the appropriate inspection, should be promptly excluded from some diseases.
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