What is early cataract symptoms?

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asked in Ophthalmology by APRIL
Mother is a teacher, eyes in the study of the time on the near vision, then wear glasses, but recently I do not know how the recent eyes feel blurred, feel very tired to see things sometimes very trance, my father took her mother to the hospital A bit, the doctor said that cataract, we have a comprehensive understanding of the symptoms of cataracts. Is not the patient if you can early to find themselves suffering from cataract tend to be able to control the disease in time ah? The answer is yes. Then i want to know what is early cataract symptoms.

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answered by DARLENE
Patients must be aware of the early symptoms of cataracts can be expressed as near vision increased, the reason is that nuclear cataracts increase the focus of the lens to see the distance object is more clear.Most elderly people because of the old object to see the distance is difficult, In the early stages of cataract, they were surprised to find that they were not able to read with a reading glasses, which is often called the second vision, and the patient must believe in himself.
Patients must be aware of the bright light, the pupil shrinks, the eyes of the light channel narrowed, many cataract patients in the bright light under the vision is even worse and the light around the halo, glare and scattered light when the cataract patients from the dark into the bright environment When, or in the bright light to read when the blurred vision is particularly evident, I wish you healthy and happy.
Patients must know that although the general cataract is painless, but a small number of patients may be due to lens swelling caused by increased intraocular pressure, eye symptoms appear, the patient must go to a large hospital for formal treatment, to do a comprehensive examination, the patient must Actively cooperate with the doctor's treatment.
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answered by BEATRICE
Patients must pay attention to the usual life must pay attention to personal hygiene, relax, pay attention to rest, not too nervous, and usually try not to eat spicy spicy food, you can eat more fresh fruits and vegetables
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