How to prevent and treat varicose veins?

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answered by BERTHA
With the office background and other conditions are not the same, the social form of more and more people suffering from varicose veins, like my relatives, but also because there is no increase in attention to living, resulting in varicose veins, but the plot of a Fan conditioning, has been recovered, in order to allow more people to better prevent the varicose veins, damage the risk of illness, the following let me share with you my personal experience. Lower limbs appear a lot of thick blood vessels, but also cause a lot of complications
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answered by ANITA
If you have to stand, you can also replace a standing posture in a period of time, do not affect the work of the situation to do some activities, such as squatting and then stand up. Before going to bed at night no matter how busy to remember to lie down legs and body was 90 degrees direction has been insisting for more than 30 minutes, this way can effectively prevent varicose veins.
we can from the daily life of the small details of the prevention, you can do more leg lift action, because usually suffering from varicose veins, mainly because the veins do not have enough strength to send blood back to the heart, often leg lift can help legs Department of vein to enhance the power, contribute to the circulation of blood flow, which play a role in the prevention of varicose veins.
Usually we can also wear from the attention, you can wear some more flexible pantyhose, this can help our own blood into the larger and more distant intravenous, which can slow down the phenomenon of varicose veins, for more tight Of the best clothes is less wear, to avoid the blood backlog of the legs, is not conducive to circulation.
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answered by FLORENCE
Sleep at night, you can bed the tail pad, not only help to sleep, but also help to improve the body during the return of blood flow, so that the blood can be a smooth circulation, blocking the veins of varicose veins.
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