What are the symptoms and treatment of Acute edema of pancreatitis?

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asked in Ophthalmology by TRACY
I have been suffering from pancreatitis necrosis for many years, so far no cure, many times to see the clinic, many times medication, but the effect is always not obvious, before want to go to a large hospital, for some reason, I did not go , Now still no better, how can I do? What are the symptoms and treatment of Acute edema of pancreatitis?

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answered by MONICA
To understand the main manifestations of pancreatitis patients with low back pain, abdominal pain and vomiting suggest that you go to the hospital for an examination of blood amylase, digestive system, color Doppler ultrasound to confirm if pancreatitis, can not eat, because eating is secondary to pancreatic secretion, can aggravate the disease.
To understand the patients with pancreatitis is due to trypsin autodigestion of the pancreas can be caused by abdominal pain, abdominal distension, nausea, vomiting, fever and other symptoms, urine test can see the blood amylase in acute pancreatitis is not recommended diet, one day can be a liquid diet advice not overeating wish you a speedy recovery.
Patients should know that the first choice is the treatment, non-surgical treatment and surgical treatment of acute edematous pancreatitis to palliative treatment, in the process of non-surgical treatment, need to closely observe the evolution of the course of disease. Hemorrhagic necrotizing pancreatitis should be treated according to the situation.
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answered by VIVIAN
Patients should know that the treatment of pancreatitis should be based on prevention and maintenance. Ban on spicy drinking, drink plenty of water. Generally began to eat rice soup, no oil soup and some fruit juice, lotus root and the like, after eating, no problem occurs, eat some porridge, tofu, no oil Cooking mud, can not eat too full, can not eat too greasy, especially in the evening to pay attention.
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