What is the cause of sudden insomnia?

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asked in Mental health by LUCILLE
We should be clear that, in general, is a normal adult in general is to ensure that 8 hours of sleep time, if the lack of sleep, in fact, will be very serious impact on our body of a contend for the body Work, long can not be a good rest, is likely to lead to the chaos of our biological clock, princes may lead to people because of long-term ten seconds after the symptoms of endocrine disorders, then ask about the night insomnia is What reason?

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answered by YOLANDA
Cause one: Hello, the current amount of understanding, the reasons for the night of insomnia is more, if the patient but long-term insomnia, which is due to inertia, but if it is accidental appearance of the amount There may be more patients to worry about, to peace and some.
Reason two: In general, the coffee is some refreshing effect, so in fact if the night suddenly insomnia, the patient should pay attention to the following is not eating too much coffee caused by the excitement of insomnia, If such a situation do not have to worry about the.
Reasons three: of course, insomnia at night there is because the patient during the day to sleep too much, the other is probably because the patient's dinner to eat too much, this time did not digest good, it is possible to lead to insomnia The final appearance of the symptoms.
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answered by KRISTIN
If it is time to sleep at night when the usual insomnia patients, the proposal is to put some soothing music to listen to, can be appropriate to ease the tension, and to help improve the patient's sleep when there is a very good help, You can try.
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