Is mania mental illness?

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In life, many young people in the event of easy mana, especially upset, difficult things will be crazy, and even dry out some out of nothing. And then make people feel that his actions are unreasonable, will be called by the side of the neuropathy. This situation is always happening, so that he can not give you control, after the very regret it, this situation is like a manic disorder. So in the end manic disorder is not a mental illness? This is a lot of people want to figure out, experts said: manic disorder is a common form of mental illness, occurred in about 20 years old. Patients and their families should be given attention.
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The causes of manic disorder: genetic factors, physical factors, central nervous system function and metabolic abnormalities, mental factors are manic disorder predisposing factors, manic disorder is an emotional mental disorder, occurred in the 20-year-old adolescence, manic The incidence of disease is usually rapid onset, short duration, and the prognosis is good, the basic can be restored to the original normal state.
Symptoms of manic disorder: manic disorder patients with a clear and lasting changes in mood, high mood for the basic clinical manifestations, accompanied by the corresponding thinking and behavior changes, there is a tendency to recurrent, intermittent relative relief. Symptoms of mild, can reach the extent of mental illness. The disease manifested as manic phase, its meaning and diagnostic criteria: the patient's mood, and the situation is not quite consistent, can be elated, irritability, agitation, and even disturbance of consciousness. Severe cases may appear with the mood coordination or uncoordinated delusions, hallucinations and other psychotic symptoms.
The main clinical manifestations of manic disorder is the mood, excitement, words, thinking fast, eloquent, self-evaluation is too high, since that ability, full of energy, activities, behavior rash, regardless of the consequences. Of course, some people are not so heavy, it may be "impatient", but it is likely to develop as "manic disorder", the need for early treatment. The incidence of manic disorder in patients, they will not take the initiative to seek medical treatment. Often developed to a serious point, was the family or friends sent to the hospital. Or worse, due to deviant behavior, or breach of contract and encountered legal problems, and was found to be treated as a matter of course. So early detection, abnormal diagnosis of behavior can not be ignored.
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