Depressed mood belongs to depression?

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asked in Mental health by KRISTINA

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answered by JOAN
Depression is mainly manifested as a mental illness. Mainly because of too many things in my heart. Think too much every day, think too much. This will lead to too many things in my heart. Every day should keep a good mood. Should be more exercise, exercise, listen to music. Eat more apples and bananas. Drink some boiled water, this detoxification beauty.
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answered by PATSY
The first  is that you should pay attention to rest. Do not stay up late, do not work overtime, do not smoke, do not drink. Before going to sleep at night, think of something more happy. Drink some milk to improve sleep quality. Drink some soy milk. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat more apples and bananas. Do not worry everyday. Diet should be light-based.
The second is the diet should be. Eating habits should be light is appropriate. Should eat some fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat more cabbage vegetables cabbage. At noon should eat some tomato stewed eggs. Eat more eggs to supplement the protein. Eat more sorghum soybeans corn. Do not picky eaters, not partial eclipse. Eat more high fiber bundle.
The last one is to increase video should not exercise. Listen to music every night to sleep. Listen to some relaxing music. Do not listen to too noisy music. And every day should be a happy mood. More exercise, exercise, breathe fresh air. Do not stay at home all day. Love comedy. See more variety shows.
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