How to deal with severe insomnia?

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asked in Mental health by MELANIE
In our lives, many friends will face the problem of insomnia, and insomnia caused by many reasons, in addition to physical factors, but also with the psychological factors have a direct relationship. If the body is insomnia for a long time, it will affect the normal life and even affect the study and work. The harm will still be quite serious. Therefore, we should promptly carry out the conditioning. So in the end how to conditioning a serious insomnia good?

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answered by MARGUERITE
1 recommendations insomnia friends sleep at night, should pay attention to the warmth of the feet, it is recommended that the best can wear thick socks to sleep. At the same time, you can close the window to sleep. This avoids the receipt of allergic substances or because of noise and sleep quality has been affected.
2 In addition, it is recommended that patients in their daily lives should also pay attention to work and rest, you can try to participate in some activities, or outdoor activities, relax and relax the body and mind, to ease the serious brain, conditioning the body condition , So as to ensure a better sleep.
3 Finally, in the daily diet, it is recommended to try to eat some fresh vegetables and fruits, so that you can make up for a variety of vitamins, proteins, lipids and trace elements, conditioning good physical condition, so you can try to prevent Insomnia caused by body elements.
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