Treatment and analysis of insomnia

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asked in Mental health by HAZEL
Who can tell me the treatment and analysis of insomnia?

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answered by GERALDINE
Hello, I am very happy to answer your insomnia treatment and analysis of this issue, treatment and analysis of insomnia. Insomnia is a very lethal, mental and physical fatigue, people crazy, people collapse. Insomnia powerful, what count, number of sheep, the number of stars do not work, there are many reasons for insomnia, such as overjoyed sorrow, or what exciting next day things, when the mood appears ups and downs, it is possible Insomnia, to sleep in the middle of the night.
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answered by MARGUERITE
Insomnia is no stranger to us, and it is up to everyone of us to suffer from insomnia. It is very painful for both young and old to experience insomnia. How quiet, exhausted can not sleep. In serious cases will go to help the doctor, let the doctor to open some, soothe the sleep of drugs, to help sleep.
If we are insomnia, we try to be self-reliant and do not rely on drugs, such as doing more physical exercise. Do some exercise during the day, if necessary, let yourself tired, do some high physical exercise, more consumption, do not sleep during the day. At night, before going to bed, burn your feet and drink a glass of milk to help you sleep.
In the treatment of insomnia, in the evening, try not to drink tea and coffee, these can make exciting drinks. Many people will say that drinking can sleep, but this is absolutely unhealthy, try not to make the mood ups and downs before going to bed, when they are sleeping do not think twice.
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answered by BRITTANY
Insomnia in the early days, or better resolved. Now this time, the pressure is too large, often because of some things at work, affect the night's sleep. Focus on adjustment, adjust the emotional adjustment rhythm.
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