Insomnia patients should pay attention to what to do before going to bed?

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asked in Mental health by VICTORIA
In our lives, many of my friends have been suffering from insomnia, and the body will sleep all night when insomnia occurs. By the next day, people will feel dizzy, limb weakness and listlessness, which will make people Can not work, my heart feel fuzzy. Therefore, we suggest that everyone in daily life should be promptly carried out conditioning, especially as the phenomenon of insomnia, timely treatment is very important. So, insomnia patients should pay attention to what to do before going to bed?

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answered by GWENDOLYN
It is recommended that patients should avoid drinking alcohol as well as drinking coffee before they go to bed at night. I believe everybody knows that niacin helps refreshing people. If you drink coffee before going to sleep and make people more difficult to fall asleep, Must remember before going to bed can not drink, drink coffee.
In addition, but also to avoid eating too much greasy and spicy spicy food, many of my friends always like to eat some fried string in the evening, these greasy and fried foods, eat before going to sleep, Will stimulate the body's stomach and liver, seriously affecting the quality of sleep.
In addition, psychological conditioning is also very important. If you do not change before going to sleep a certain psychological factors will affect the quality of sleep, so before going to sleep, do not be too irritable, anxiety, do not think too much for the pain of staying awake all night, away from their own shadow.
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answered by KRISTIN
Suggest that everyone in daily life, should try to maintain a good attitude, learn to relax, if encountered unhappy things, it should be timely adjustment, to avoid excessive depression.
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