What are the symptoms of insomnia?

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answered by MARGUERITE
Any kind of disease will have a certain extension, that is, different diseases will have different causes, some of the symptoms of the disease are not the same when they occur we have to define it the title is also different, such as insomnia, there is a nervous Insomnia, neurological insomnia, we have to pay attention to maintain their optimism, to adjust their sleep time and quality of sleep, insomnia is a very intractable disease, once cured still need our later care, usual prevention .
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answered by ALMA
Insomnia, that is, many people are lying on the bed can not always sleep, especially in the current community to bring people more stress and lead to insomnia. There are still some insomnia patients lying in bed, rapid heartbeat, and sometimes this heartbeat will persist to the middle of the night, will seriously affect the patient's sleep quality.
Insomnia patients usually feel the chest particularly boring, particularly depressed, but also feel the chest acupuncture often can not sleep, if the situation occurs for a long time, it is likely to cause the patient's Psychological factors of fear.
Insomnia, insomnia, the symptoms are very obvious, mainly as soon as the patient enters the sleep state so easily be awakened, so the quality of sleep will be seriously affected, will not work and learn spirit will be normal, Appear cranky performance.
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answered by GWENDOLYN
Symptoms of insomnia there are many reasons that each person should deal with their own different situations to find the most suitable solution to their own, as far as possible to carry out some physical exercise, release some negative emotions, in fact, can communicate with friends and more.
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