What causes insomnia?

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asked in Mental health by JAN
With the development of society, people are now more and more pressure, as I personally, is an ordinary worker, usually the body is also very good, there is no disease, but recently do not know what happened, has been insomnia , I could not sleep all night long at night, and I actively went to the hospital for treatment. At the same time, the doctor gave me some medicine and let me go home to take it, but the effect has not been obvious. Here I mainly want to ask After all, what are the reasons for our situation may lead to the emergence of our insomnia?

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answered by VIOLET
I think for insomnia, this problem may be troubled by many people, for different people with insomnia, it causes the disease is not the same reason, I am here today to give you a simple analysis, I think the more common Perhaps the first one is because of the physical condition of the individual
Insomnia is actually a hint to the body, suggesting that our body is in an unhealthy state, so for the case of insomnia should not continue to delay, it is recommended that you should go to the hospital in time to find out if they are not because of the body Cause of insomnia
At the same time, many people cause insomnia, but also because individuals do not develop a good sleep habits, especially before going to sleep, try not to engage in something easy to make their own excitement and excitement, this may make their long-term in a state of excitement , And then unable to sleep.
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answered by GINA
It is best to sleep before you wash a hot bath, and then all of their own relax, do not think about anything, your most relaxed state of sleep, will be able to sleep better
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