What's the matter of Dry eyes and tears?

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What's the matter of Dry eyes and tears?

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Many people are prone to dry skin, skin allergies, but also some people will feel dry eyes, and even some feel itchy fever This situation is more common to see, but many people still can not be cured. In winter, people's liver blood consumption too much, too much more easily lead to liver failure, fatigue, especially in the spring, today will be more hot, the eyes of the liver will appear nourish dry and itchiness does not itch
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After we reach a certain age, there may be a lot of physical discomfort, a lot of problems, then eat more drugs. Under the influence of drugs will be dry eyes, such as people now eat antihypertensive drugs, sleeping pills, contraceptives and other drugs have an impact on the tear film to reduce the production of tears.

Some people appear dry eyes, often because of the work environment, many people have long been working in a dry environment led to the evaporation of the lacrimal gland, resulting in dry eyes, while in the computer work, car drivers, or excessive reading in High concentration of eyes work to make eyes ache.

If there is dry eyes, we should pay attention to vitamin supplements to maintain normal vision has a very important role, so the spring dry eyes, you can eat more foods rich in vitamins, such as carrot liver papaya, milk sea Products, etc. Also pay attention to eat more fruits and vegetables.


Appear dry situation, do not use the eye drops, it is best to use some eye drops under the guidance of a doctor, in addition, keratitis, conjunctivitis and other diseases can also cause dry eyes, so once this happens, it is best to promptly clear diagnosis.
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