What's the matter of Sudden impotence?

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asked in Mental health by GERTRUDE
For the common disease of impotence, I believe we will be a little bit of understanding, because this is a common disease, such diseases will undoubtedly affect the normal work of women friends and learning from six months ago, feeling a little powerless to the present, it has been very difficult In an erection, I was always afraid of people know, so I do not want to go to rule, this time my wife had trouble with me, I decided to go to the home hospital to check, check the report said that their impotence, Who can tell me what's the matter of Sudden impotence?

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answered by DIANNE
First: vasogenicity, including any disease that may lead to decreased blood flow to the penis cavernous, such as atherosclerosis, arterial stenosis, genital shunt and cardiac dysfunction, etc., or impede venous return, the closure mechanism of the penile white Membranous, penile cavernous sinus smooth muscle reduction caused by penile venous leak.
Second: surgery and trauma, major vascular surgery, radical prostatectomy, abdominal, perineal, radical resection of the rectum and other pelvic fractures, lumbar compression fractures or riding a cross injury, can cause penile erection-related vascular and nerve damage, resulting in Impotence.
Third: impotence due to endocrine disease caused by many, mainly seen in diabetes, hypothalamic-pituitary abnormalities and primary gonadal insufficiency. 23% to 60% of men with diabetes secondary to different levels of impotence. Its mechanism is mainly associated with autonomic nerve fiber lesions on the penis.
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