What are the causes of Hyperopia Amblyopia in children?

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asked in Ophthalmology by CHARLOTTE
My daughter, aged four and a half, recently found out that my child has hyperopia and amblyopia because my child often watches television while I was a kid, causing my eyesight to fall today, so we have a certain responsibility in the morning, but at the moment The most important thing is to see the child's myopia and amblyopia problems children with hyperopia amblyopia is what is the reason...

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answered by MICHELE
First: First of all children suffering from hyperopia and amblyopia seeds, eyesight diseases, so also oh, a kind of treatment can not be treated together. So this will take some time, but the specific time depends on whether the child will cooperate with the treatment, so that parents must do their child's work as soon as possible to cure the child's illness.
Second: Children aged four and a half are at a certain stage of childhood visual acuity development. Therefore, he has hyperopia and amblyopia which are two serious visual acuity diseases. So if you want to cure a child as soon as possible, you need to know why your child has these two diseases.
Third: we must let the children, with the treatment before they can, 4-year-old baby send information ah, with hyperopia and amblyopia in these two forces or the disease can cure as soon as possible, before the children go to primary school, you can try to help She is cured. Slowly correct and slowly with the treatment there must be no problem.
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answered by BERTHA
Usually we must pay attention not to let too much contact with children's computers such as television, visual acuity has some obstacles to the development of electronic products. Multi-education Children do more eye exercises, give him some common sense to protect eyesight. Give him a picture of how serious vision problems are and how serious vision problems are.
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