What are the effects of insomnia on patients?

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asked in Mental health by FLORENCE
I've been working really hard for a while, and at the end of the year, many companies are worried about bad debt. Sometimes work overtime until late at night, in order to quickly do a good job, a lot of time is to drink a bottle of Red Bull, stay up to second days. This state lasted for more than half a month, until my work came to an end, I found myself insomnia, every night in the dead of night, how can not sleep, a person in bed repeatedly very fidgety, do not know how to do well.What are the effects of insomnia on patients?

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answered by RACHEL
Long term insomnia will bring great impact to people, and most of the time, this effect is negative. Many organs of the human body begin to enter the metabolism of the day after 11 o'clock, especially the liver. During this time, new blood will be generated continuously. If there is not enough sleep, it will affect the operation of the liver.
Insomnia can also lead to depressed mood, depressed mood, lack of energy in second days. Long term insomnia will make patients produce a negative psychological emotion, often easy to conflict with colleagues and friends. If the female patient has long term insomnia, it is also easy to cause endocrine disorder and long acne on the face.
There are many patients who rely on sleeping pills and other drugs because of insomnia, and they also have a lot of dependence on the body. Insomnia for a normal person will hurt their body and psychology, so must let oneself can adjust as soon as possible, improve their sleep.
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answered by JENNIFER
Normal people work in the day, sleep at night, this is the natural law, if long-term insomnia, will certainly bring some diseases hidden trouble. We should maintain a good state of mind, the initial face of insomnia, do not rely too much on drugs, and slowly adjust themselves to develop a good biological clock.
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