Can the protrusion of the lumbar intervertebral disc be pregnant?

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asked in Obstetrics & Gynecology by NANCY
My mother has a colleague, about 28 years old this year, and has been married for a year. It is sometimes necessary to do some physical work in a company, so she always has a little lumbago. A plaster is often put on the waist. Later to the hospital to check the discovery is the lumbar disc herniation, the basic impossible to complete recovery. But my mom and my colleagues wanted to have children, and someone told her that the disease could not be a child. She was afraid that she had never been able to get pregnant. But she wants to have a child again. So is the waist disc protruding to be pregnant?

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answered by INEZ
At present, because more and more white-collar workers, their work is always to sit in front of the computer is a day, it is easy to suffer from the disease of the waist. The lumbar disc herniation is a lumbar disease with a high incidence of disease. It is mainly caused by the oppression of the adjacent spinal nerves.
The causes of the lumbar disc herniation are the following: 1, the degeneration of the nucleus pulposus, and the water content of the spine is lower than the normal value. 2, there are some external injuries for a long time. 3, the blood circulation is slow and the nucleus pulposus is protruding. 4. Genetic factors. 5, lumbar posture is not correct, pregnancy, cold, damp etc..
So since pregnancy will be affected, can women still be able to get pregnant? In fact, it is possible because there is not much conflict with the protruding between the waist and the waist. But sometimes pregnancy can cause the waist disc to protruding. The increase of the fetus in the body increases the weight of the waists of the pregnant woman.
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