Whta is the reason of Leucorrhea yellow?

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Whta is the reason of Leucorrhea yellow?

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What is the reason for the yellowing of leucorrhea? Normal leucorrhea should not be yellow, and if the leucorrhea appears yellow, it should be paid attention to. How do yellowing white band do? What is the reason for the yellowing of leucorrhea? Most of the yellowing of leucorrhea is caused by the lesion of the lower body and should be treated according to the specific conditions.
1. Do not pay attention to health
Of course, there is another case is the usual time if their health are not careful, it will cause the leucorrhea yellow, so we have the usual time to ensure their own clean, this is not only to ensure that our body clean, at the same time it for our health is also very helpful role.
2, mycotic vaginitis
Mycotic vaginitis vaginitis is one of the common, usually caused by Candida infections, more common in pregnant women and patients with diabetes, long-term use of broad-spectrum antibiotics can make normal vaginal flora, conducive to the growth of mold and susceptible to the disease, taking corticosteroids, immunosuppressive drugs and autoimmune diseases were susceptible to the disease lack of vitamin B6, and patients with chronic wasting disease prone yellow leucorrhea.
Young women wearing tight nylon pants can increase the humidity and temperature of the perineum, which is beneficial to the growth and reproduction of mould. The main symptom of fungal vaginitis is the increase of leucorrhea and pruritus vulvae, often accompanied by local burning sensation. The typical leucorrhea is curd like (tofu dregs) or slightly yellow slices, slightly odour and tightly adhered to the vaginal mucous membrane.
3, trichomonad vaginitis
Trichomonas vaginitis is the most common vaginitis, Trichomonas vaginalis infection caused by Trichomonas vaginalis, is an anaerobic parasitic protozoan, often send born in the genitourinary tract, female mainly exists in the vagina, also exists in the urethra, urethral gland, bladder and other parts, men often parasitic on the urethra, prostate and other parts.
The transmission of trichomonad vaginitis is indirect transmission, that is, through the bath, bathtub, bath towel, swimming pool, toilet, clothing, medical equipment, dressings and so on. The main clinical manifestations of trichomonas vaginitis is vulva, leucorrhea increased, itching, burning or pain relief way, typical leucorrhea yellow green, foamy, thin and have xingchouwei. Inflammation and urethra may have urgent urination and frequency of urination.
4. Geriatric vaginitis
Senile vaginitis, most of the elderly women in the menopause for many years. Postmenopausal ovarian function decline, endogenous estrogen deficiency, genital atrophy, vaginal epithelial thinning, local resistance weakened, pathogenic bacteria are easy to reproduce and cause inflammation. The important symptom of senile vaginitis is increased leucorrhea, often accompanied by abdominal and vaginal swelling and burning sensation of vagina. Typical leucorrhea is pale yellow water or purulent, smelly, often mixed with a small amount of blood.
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