What are the symptoms of early pregnancy and related physiological changes?

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What are the symptoms of early pregnancy and related physiological changes?

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Pregnancy is a process in which every female reproductive system is mature. The premise of pregnancy is that both male and female reproductive systems are healthy and normal, produce normal sperm and eggs, fertilize and develop embryos in the female reproductive system. There are many early symptoms of pregnancy, and there are also a lot of changes in the women's physiology. Couples who want to have children must be prepared for pregnancy before they are pregnant, and should pay attention to changing their normal life and eating habits. After sex, women should pay attention to some physiological changes, help themselves to accurately determine whether they are pregnant or not, and lay a good foundation for future pregnancy. The one or two month after pregnancy is the most critical period for the development of children, and the pregnant women should pay high attention to avoid the deformity of the children. So what are the early symptoms of pregnancy and related physiological changes?
Spiritually: in the early pregnancy, many women feel tired, lack of strength and want to sleep. But this period will not be too long, and it will soon be in the past. In general, there are plenty of life of women in the menstrual cycle, a week in the future is still not cramps, should go to the hospital to check the urine, check whether pregnant since.
Change of appetite: some women begin to have the first transfer of the stomach at the time of the period of the period (1--2 weeks). The usual favorite food, at the moment do not like to eat. Second times when you have eaten food, you don't like it. Some people simply don't want to eat or even vomit, and some people want to eat something sour. After half a month to a month, the symptoms will disappear naturally.
Breast changes: after pregnancy, under the combined stimulation of estrogen and progesterone, at the beginning of pregnancy, the breast grows gradually, the color of nipple and areola is deepened, and there are dark brown nodules around the nipple. After 12 weeks, there will be a little clear water milk secretion.
Menstrual change: This is the most common pregnancy sign that most people usually notice. As long as the women who are at the right age of childbearing age are normal, their menstrual cycle is normal, and they may be pregnant after two days of sexual behavior. But it is not that menstruation is not coming, it is pregnant. There are many reasons for the absence of menstruation. It may be because of poor ovarian function, busy work, nervous examination, abnormal secretion of hormones and so on, which will cause the phenomenon of delayed menstruation. After the cessation of menstruation, it is still necessary to establish a reliable way to determine whether or not to be pregnant.
Skin color changes: early pregnancy may produce skin pigment precipitation, face long abdominal wall long pregnancy lines. Especially in the late stage of pregnancy.
The change of bowel movement, the uterus began to increase after pregnancy, because the front of the uterus is the bladder, the bladder is the organ storing urine, and the enlarged uterus is compacting the bladder to increase the voiding of pregnant women.
Pregnancy is a hard and happy process. Understanding the relevant knowledge of pregnancy helps pregnant women to reduce mental stress and maintain a pleasant mood. Give birth to a healthy and smart baby.
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