What is the best treatment for gallstones?

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What is the best treatment for gallstones?

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I believe everyone has heard gallstones, it is very difficult when it attacks, and the body feels very painful. So gallstone patients want to receive treatment earlier, so that they suffer less pain. There are several ways to treat gallstones at present. Many people still don't know much about this. Then let's listen to the expert of the biliary disease.
Treatment of cholelithiasis:
1, Shi: this treatment method belongs to the conservative treatment, the drug is to let patients with gallstones taking Lidan, heat and dampness, which can relieve the symptoms of gallstones, which is more suitable for stone has not been incarcerated, the illness is not very serious, or cardiovascular problems, not surgery patients. Conservative treatment is less painful than surgical treatment, with low cost and high safety. The disadvantage is that the stone is still in the body, once inlaid, or secondary severe infection.
2, row stone. This is a method of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine combined treatment of gallstones, a row of stone methods are the most commonly used general offensive Paishi and flat pressing stone etc.. It is more suitable for gallstones with good function, wide bile duct and small quantity. The common bile duct stones do not exceed 1.5 centimeters, and gallstones do not exceed 0.5 centimeters.
3, gravel: that is to use a special lithotripsy machine to send out a certain frequency shock wave to make the stone broken. It is suitable for a medium-sized stone with a number of not more than 3 (about 2 centimeters in diameter). Lithotripsy is a mainstream method for the treatment of gallstones at present, which is the highest of the three methods.
From the introduction of experts, we can see that there are three ways to treat cholelithiasis at present. There are still many ways. We can see that gallstone is not an incurable disease. Doctors will choose a suitable treatment method according to the condition of patients with gallstones. The right way is chosen. Basically, there is nothing wrong with healing. You don't have to worry too much.
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