Can eczema be transmitted to others?

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Can eczema be transmitted to others?

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Eczema is a common skin disease. We may also have some understanding of the disease. The occurrence of eczema is very harmful to patients. It has brought some influences either physically, mentally or physically. However, because of the dreadful skin lesions of eczema, many people are afraid of eczema infection. Can eczema be transmitted to others?
Can eczema be contagious?
Eczema is a chronic skin disease, prevalence of adults and children are widely affected by tired, according to a survey, in eczema patients, 80% of patients will therefore have a sleep disorder, more than half of the patients in public places will feel embarrassed, even inferior, according to different degrees of damage skin eczema, erythema, can be expressed as papules, skin erosion, exudation, crusting. Mild eczema appears only in the cheeks, forehead and scalp, patients with moderate to severe eczema of the head, neck, torso, hips etc. will appear rash, eczema infection, infection is considered the most, but this is a common misconception, usually eczema have genetic factors, if the parents or grandparents had eczema, probability sad son suffering from eczema generally high, but the disease is not contagious.
Dry air dry air makes dermatitis worse, especially when heating is used indoors in winter. Prevention of eczema to maintain the humidity of indoor air should be a matter for patients and their families to start thinking. So now you should consider the use of a wet air machine, and every room should have one. In normal life, you wash your clothes with plenty of water. When washing clothes, you should wash your laundry powder clean to avoid skin allergy.
Rapid temperature change is an important factor causing eczema. For example, entering the hot outdoor room or entering the hot water bath from the cold room may cause skin disease. Wear several layers of cotton clothing, is the best plan to escort you to avoid the rapid change of temperature. Eczema a lot of patients are mild, can be treated with diet, if serious, light with this method is not, it is necessary to use drug treatment.
Reminder: through the above description, I believe we already know will not infect eczema, eczema may have some genetic, but has not found the phenomenon of infectious eczema, so patients or their relatives and friends at ease, of course we can not because of fear of contagion is discrimination against patients, to patients with psychological blow very large, for the rehabilitation of the disease also have a great impact.
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