How does brain edema cause?

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How does brain edema cause?

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1, craniocerebral injury, all kinds of craniocerebral injury, directly or indirectly cause brain contusion, can cause brain edema, concurrent intracranial hematoma, local brain tissue compression, also can cause brain edema. Depressed skull fracture, pressure on the brain, or fracture stab brain injuries, brain edema in the affected area of the shock wave, detonation chest, or chest directly by extrusion, the superior vena cava pressure increased sharply, the impact of pressure to the brain caused by intracranial spread, diffuse brain capillary punctate hemorrhage, increased capillary permeability, often can diffuse brain edema, diffuse axonal injury of the brain can be secondary to severe diffuse brain edema.
2, intracranial lesions to the brain tissue around the tumor compression or occlusion of cerebral venous reflux, increased intracranial pressure, venous congestion, cerebrospinal fluid circulation absorption barriers, as well as tumor biological toxicity, the brain tissue around the tumor affected, BBB damage or destruction, increased permeability of the vascular wall, have limited brain edema. The brain primary malignant tumor complicated with cerebral edema especially, lung cancer, choriocarcinoma and brain metastases, either solitary or multiple, have serious brain edema in the peripheral lesions.
3, intracranial inflammatory encephalitis, meningitis, ventriculitis, brain abscess and septicemia caused intracranial diffuse inflammation, often secondary to different degrees of brain edema, which is related to the toxicity and the range of involvement of pathogenic microorganisms.
4, or embolic cerebrovascular lesions of internal carotid artery or cerebral arterial thrombosis, cerebral fat embolism, the arterial blood flow decreased or interrupted, the artery of acute cerebral insufficiency and cerebral infarction, while secondary localized or diffuse cerebral edema, cerebral aneurysm rupture bleeding or venous malformation, subarachnoid hemorrhage at the same time, intraventricular hemorrhage of cerebral vasospasm, all secondary brain edema. 5, cerebral hypoxia, status epilepticus, chest trauma, dyspnea or asphyxia caused by different reasons, sudden cardiac arrest, prolonged hypotension, shock, high altitude hypoxia, carbon monoxide poisoning and other pulmonary encephalopathy, so that the brain is in an anoxia state accompanied by brain edema.
6. Systemic poisoning caused by exogenous or endogenous poisoning caused by lead poisoning or other causes, often complicated with diffuse brain edema.
7, various causes of metabolic disorders of the brain, systemic or localized metabolic disorders of the brain, causing brain edema.
8. The radiation damage of the brain includes electromagnetic damage, such as microwave, infrared, X ray, gamma ray, beta ray, fast neutron and so on.
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