What are the symptoms of brain edema?

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What are the symptoms of brain edema?

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Common symptoms: headache, aggravation of vomiting, restlessness, lethargy, even coma, papillematous
Brain edema is a secondary pathological process caused by intracranial diseases and systemic diseases. At the same time, brain edema often causes or exacerbates intracranial pressure. Therefore, the clinical manifestations are often overlapped with the symptoms of primary lesions and aggravated.
1. The cerebral edema is localized in the lesions of the local cerebral contusion or brain tumor and the surrounding of the vascular disease. The common symptoms are the aggravation of the symptoms of epilepsy and paralysis, or the expansion of the water quality, which causes motor aphasia in the center of the language movement. After brain damage, if the symptoms gradually deteriorate, more consideration should be given to brain edema. Diffuse brain edema can not be controlled due to localized brain edema, and continues to expand to whole brain, or diffuse brain edema at first, such as diffuse axonal injury.
2, the symptoms of increased intracranial pressure are headache, vomiting, restlessness, lethargy and even coma. Visual papillae can be seen in the fundus examination. Early signs of life change, pulse and respiratory slowing, compensatory symptoms of increased blood pressure, such as brain edema and high intracranial pressure continue to deteriorate, can lead to brain hernia.
3, other symptoms of cerebral edema of the frontal and temporal lobes, anterior thalamus can cause serious mental disorder, confusion, coma. Increased intracranial pressure can also cause mental symptoms. Sometimes the body temperature is moderately high, the brain edema involves the hypothalamus, which can cause the hypothalamus to damage symptoms.
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