What is the reason why the back pain radiates to the chest pain?

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asked in Surgery by EMILY
I have been thirty-five years old this year, and I have never had a serious illness, though I have less exercise. Until early this year, do not know how, I suddenly happened back pain, and often because of back pain, and involved with the chest also appeared the feeling of pain, this situation has lasted for a long time did not improve, especially when I'm tired, pain is the most obvious, that in the end what is the reason of chest pain radiating to the back?

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answered by KAYLA
At present, the cause of the chest pain in the youth, the most common symptom due to long-term patient belongs to poor posture, as a result of the ribs and vertebrae joint disorder or dislocation, so that the shoulder muscle strain, muscle imbalance, side muscle spasms, stiffness, cable or even atrophy.
When the chest and back pain in patients with dislocation of the ribs and vertebrae lead to the disease, Chinese think this is mostly due to the long bones were both caused by disease, so patients in their daily life and work must be combined with movement, especially the long-term work in front of a computer or the people addicted to online games.
In addition to the spine disease, if patients already suffering from gallstones, heart disease, kidney disease, and chronic disease of the stomach, can cause the patient developed persistent chest pain, it is recommended that patients if there has been a persistent pain as soon as possible, the best to the hospital for a professional inspection, symptomatic treatment.
Matters needing attention´╝Ü
It is recommended that patients in daily life, if there is obvious pain, we should try to rest in bed. In addition, patients in the diet can be mainly light, and avoid eating high fat and spicy spicy food.
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