What's the reason why you wake up and feel chest pain?

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asked in Surgery by THELMA
If I were to sleep, wake up and the chest will certainly very uncomfortable, especially for girls, this uncomfortable feeling will be more intense, and, if I were at home not to open the window, so sleep a night, the morning will be uncomfortable, because I can't stand if the environment is too stuffy, let me sleep for a night in a stuffy environment, I'm sure that when the morning is all kinds of discomfort, dizziness, chest tightness.

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answered by DARLENE
So we should learn to adjust their sleeping posture, it seems to be lying on the right side is the best sleeping posture, especially girls, do not sleep, this type of chest is particularly good, but also very painful, so I suggest you try the right side sleeping posture, try for a period of time there will be effect
There is your sleeping environment must not be too boring, because I sleep you must open the window, or you think the rest is with no rest, if you feel feel shy or not to open the window habit, we can also buy a steam engine, this will make them feel better
There is before bed must calm down, otherwise the sleep quality is very bad, if you can, we can also be a cup of milk in half an hour before going to bed to drink milk, to help us sleep, improve sleep quality, then we can have a good rest, it will not feel comfortable
Matters needing attention´╝Ü
In fact, if it is not chest pain caused by disease, it is all our life habits are more or less a problem. As long as we find these problems and then correct them, we will make the symptoms less.
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