What kind of cervical spondylosis?

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Older patients with cervical spondylosis have more and more, and now young people have more and more cervical spondylosis. If you feel the neck and shoulder pain, dizziness, headache, arm hemp, and so on must go to a hospital diagnose, you may be suffering from cervical spondylosis, serious time will have difficulty walking. In general, this disease depends on home care, three divide and seven, and the prevention is Guan Jian. I do office work, every day is basically sitting when more than I, I have a slight cervical disease, what types of cervical spondylosis? How should I take care of it?

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answered by LEE
It is divided into three kinds, one is the nerve root type, the spinal cord type and the three kinds of pulse type. In these three species, the nerve root type is more common. A long time in the office desk work must pay more attention to work and rest, rest. Give yourself some time to make the whole body circulate, eliminate fatigue, prevent and relieve the damage of the cervical spine.
Be sure to choose a suitable pillow, which is very good for the prevention and treatment of cervical spondylosis, the pillow core is best kapok or buckwheat skin. The stuffing in the pillow is appropriate so that it can maintain a certain degree of hardness and elasticity. Too big a pillow can cause fatigue in the neck muscles.
Usually must pay more attention to the maintenance of the neck, avoid stiff neck. This will aggravate the severity of the cervical spondylosis. If the cervical spondylosis is acute, it is necessary to reduce the amount of exercise. You can simply do some neck movement, you can do the move around the head, do not turn too violent, so the head will be dizzy.
Matters needing attention´╝Ü
To develop a good posture is the most effective way to prevent cervical spondylosis. As the saying goes well, stand like a clock. It is very suitable for the treatment of cervical spondylosis. People who have been suffering from cervical spondylosis do not work for a long time and take a proper rest for a while.
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