How to prevent allergic rhinitis in winter?

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How to prevent allergic rhinitis in winter?

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The changing climate in winter is the first time for nose to be encroachment of rhinitis, such as allergic rhinitis, atrophic rhinitis, acute and chronic rhinitis, etc. Symptoms such as nasal itching, flowing water, sneezing and so on often disturb people's life. Therefore, in winter, we must protect our nose and strengthen the prevention of diseases. The following is for the winter allergic rhinitis, to create a small trick for you to prevent.
Keep the air of living and working environment quiet: pay attention to the clean air of work and living environment, avoid contact with dust and chemical gases, especially harmful gases.
Do a good job in keeping warm: in winter, we should pay attention to the preventive measures to keep warm, because the climate change is very easy to cause allergic rhinitis.
How to prevent allergic rhinitis in winter
Clean quilt: when you sleep at night, you must cover your quilt. You should pay attention to keeping the quilt clean. The unclean quilt will make people breathe dust and germs.
Do more outdoor activities: normal leisure time can participate in physical exercise, can enhance the physique, improve their own resistance, to avoid inflammation invaded.
How to prevent allergic rhinitis in winter
Matters needing attention
Eat cold cold cold food, Chinese medicine believes that this disease is due to lung, spleen, kidney three dirty clothes to Qi, wind cold invasion caused by the nose.
Avoid tobacco, allergic rhinitis on the outside gas sensitivity increased significantly, especially in the cold and with irritant gas, inhalation will cause sneezing, stuffy nose, runny nose and other symptoms increase, the taboo of smoke.
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