Is the sore leg a cause of varicose veins?

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asked in General surgery by ANGELA
Now the lives of men and women of the people increasingly fast pace of life more and more pressure, there is a disease in the white-collar office, it is possible to varicose veins, many people have never heard of varicose veins is what disease, there is the leg varicose curved expansion of blood vessels, blood vessels are. The surface of the skin symptoms. Women and men are more likely to have varicose veins, and most of them occur in the urban office, which is the most common type of peripheral vascular disease. So when the crus is sore, is it caused by varicose veins?

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answered by KAYLA
We must first understand what is the varicose veins, varicose vein is mainly due to the people for a long time to maintain a posture of the same old, lack of activity and the calf to promote increased venous pressure, blood vessel relaxation valve not covered due to the enlargement of the live off, there will be blood flow condition, the leg restricted activities.
There are some symptoms of varicose veins, such as heavy limbs, pain and fatigue, which can be relieved after a period of rest. When the affected leg vein gradually uplift, expansion, sometimes curled to or saccate, especially after standing, disappeared elevation legs after this is one of the characteristics of varicose veins.
There are also some symptoms of the ankle in the skin will be excellent cable sinking, skin with itching, eczema. There were more likely to be associated with venous thrombosis, appear red lumps, local tenderness in the leg symptoms. Therefore, when the varicose veins are easily damaged, bleeding may occur, or an infection is a symptom of ulcers.
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