Can rhinitis be cured?

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1, rhinitis can cure

Rhinitis can cure, but more difficult to do. Identify systemic, local and environmental causes of disease, active treatment of systemic disease or exclude it is the best cure. Rhinitis is a chronic disease, often recurrent clinical, acute treatment after most of the clinically curable can be achieved, but easy to repeat, after a period of time there are symptoms again. To achieve radical treatment, patients need treatment, good nasal care, avoid contact with induced factors, enhance physical fitness and so can reduce the number of attacks, and ultimately achieve the purpose of radical. If frequent recurrent, to be treated with caution, it is best to timely medical examination, so as to avoid the existence of other serious diseases but delayed diagnosis and treatment.

2, rhinitis can be oral medication

There are many ways to treat rhinitis, but what kind of method should be used in the treatment of rhinitis needs the otolaryngologist to decide according to the actual situation. General medical treatment can play a good therapeutic effect on allergic rhinitis, but for serious allergic rhinitis, you can use other related treatment. Obvious signs of nasal congestion can be achieved using laser, microwave or plasma radio frequency therapy to achieve satisfactory results, and by reducing the sensitivity of the nasal nerve on sneezing and runny nose have some benefits. Mainly for the primary cause of rhinitis for treatment, according to different rhinitis, medication is different, allergic rhinitis need anti-allergy treatment, such as astemizole, chlorpheniramine and so on. Chronic rhinitis in general can take Hu Dan pills, all kinds of rhinitis tablets. Atrophic rhinitis is the need to take vitamin drugs.

3, rhinitis treatment for physical exercise

Allergic rhinitis on its pathological analysis, because the patient's body contains allergens, when the patient's constitution and body immunity decreased, the emergence of allergies, allergenic substances decreased ability to adapt, leading to allergy symptoms. Therefore, by exercising the body can enhance physical fitness, improve immunity, enhance the ability to adapt to allergic substances, but also to achieve the purpose of treatment. Specific methods are: running, fitness, increase outdoor sports, physical training, then allowed to exercise appropriate cold water bath, but be sure to pay attention to be sure to wait until no sweat and then wash. Long-term adherence can also have a good effect.
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