What about the leg acid?

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1, leg acid let the legs take turns to rest
When standing, can be focused to rotate the legs to rest, can also stand on tiptoe, let the heel with a fall event, or kicking movement. This can cause the strong contraction of the calf muscles and reduce the accumulation of venous blood. Usually when the rest to maintain the correct posture, little Alice his legs, to stop the venous reflux.
Their feet with hot water, 2 legs acid
Adhere to their feet with hot water daily, this method can not only relieve leg fatigue, can make you relax the spirit. At noon or at night, the leg is 15 to 20 centimeters high to promote blood circulation. Work and leisure time use comfortable shoes.
3. Eat more fruit and vegetables with leg acid
Eat more fruit and vegetables, can be used to live blood, through the meridian food. Choosing the appropriate varicose socks (which must be in line with the leg) and wearing it for a long time can effectively reduce the feeling of swelling in the legs and help to prevent varicose veins.
4, relieving the action of leg acid
Spiral twist. The legs straight, right leg over the left leg at the same time, keep the right leg straight; the upper part of the body to the right hand twist brace, left elbows close to right knee, then you will feel the waist muscles are twisting stretch. This action will help you get rid of the pain of back pain. It is recommended to persist for 10 seconds each side and repeat 3 times.
The butterfly stretches. Sitting on the feet together, hands holding the toes, let the body slowly forward from the hips, legs with elbow bending, pressure, stretch the inner thigh muscles. This action can relieve the pain of the legs and exercise the muscles. It is suggested to persist for 8 seconds and repeat 2 times.
Lying stretched. Lying posture to lift your legs, knees, hands holding opposite; arm force, feel the body up; until the leg ligament stretch fully to the maximum position so far. This action can extend the thigh ligaments that we do not often participate in. It is recommended to persist for 10 seconds and repeat 4 times.
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