What are the symptoms of leukoplakia? What are the hazards of leukoplakia?

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Vitiligo is a skin disease, but it is much more complicated than the common skin disease, and the skin surface of patients at the onset of vitiligo will appear a lot of milky white, the surface is smooth, there is a big difference between just and normal skin, and leukoplakia can occur in any part of the body, so when you have vitiligo patients will need timely treatment, so you have vitiligo how should do?
At the beginning of 1, when there will be a lot of vitiligo in general the milky white spots on the surface, white boundary will be more clearly, and the normal skin will have great difference, general vitiligo can occur in any part of the body, the white spot disease after abnormal in addition to outside there will be a disease of the immune system appears in the surface of the skin, leukoplakia appeared when many patients are no obvious sense, but many patients will feel itching sensation in the affected area, the follow-up time will slowly showing leukoplakia symptoms, but with the passage of time the white spot will be more and more the large, white spots appear disease is generally symmetrical, so the patient will bear great pressure on the heart, can be repeated for vitiligo, so on The time of treatment is relatively long, so the patient needs to be patient enough for treatment.
2, for the treatment of vitiligo, usually in the early days, as long as the patient appeared a little white spots, or appear on the skin when a large area of itching requires immediate treatment, usually can choose drug treatment and treatment of physical therapy and surgical manner, compared to the situation light patients can choose topical drugs in the form of treatment, for those who are more serious, and has affected the immune system in patients with symptoms, it is can be improved by the way of physical therapy, is generally not recommended in patients with skin grafting to treat.
Finally, in patients with vitiligo when there is no need to panic, to reduce the burden on the heart, timely treatment, and select the appropriate treatment method with the help of the doctor, they can be cured after a period of treatment, patients in the usual life can use warm water to clean the affected area every day. And to keep the affected area clean and dry, can pay attention to food safety.
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