What is the cause of primary dysmenorrhea?

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What is the cause of primary dysmenorrhea
1, the body is weak: on weekdays, many women friends have the habit of choosy food and partial food, and they don't like to exercise. After that, body resistance will become worse and worse, which makes the body very weak and eventually incur primary dysmenorrhea. To know that choosy food and partial eclipse will lead to lack of nutrients in the body, plus lack of exercise, the blood circulation in the body will be affected, and then form dysmenorrhea.
2, mental stress: when a female friend starts to menstruate, she doesn't have enough knowledge and understanding of physiological knowledge, so she will have some negative emotions such as disgust, anxiety and tension on menstruation. In addition, once the body has any discomfort, it starts to think about it, doubting that he has a certain disease and results in the primary dysmenorrhea.
3, the influence of hormones: at the beginning of a week before menstruation, ovulation and ovarian will begin to work, when will produce some ovarian progesterone, they can cause uterine contraction phenomenon, resulting in primary dysmenorrhea disease appeared. Under normal conditions, the disease does not need to be treated in a hospital. But if the condition has seriously affected the normal life, then go to the hospital as soon as possible and the treatment.
The above is a brief summary of how the primary dysmenorrhea is made. Experts remind me that if a female friend has very obvious pain during menstruation, he can try to relieve it by drinking brown sugar, water, massage and hot compress. But if the disease has been more serious, best to go to the hospital to do a detailed examination of the body, look at what causes, to facilitate timely escape it.
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